Fractures of ribs and sternum

SO EASY! SO STABLE! Costal fractures and sternal fractures are frequent injuries in the case of blunt thoracic traumas that occur as a result of external violence.

Serial rib fracture / single rib fracture

Rib series, single and comminuted fracture

Sternal fracture

Blunt trauma to the chest usually occurs in the case of traffic accidents, falls from a considerable height, occupational accidents, household accidents, during sporting activities or due to targeted physical violence. Patients usually suffer from severe pain and, as a result, consciously avoid breathing in deeply, coughing and movements that intensify the pain.

Surgical stabilization of costal and sternal fractures can reduce pain and tends to speed up patient mobilization.

Stabilization normally leads to rapid, complication-free orthotopic healing of the rib and sternum since the Titanium clips fix the fracture fragments in place in their anatomical position and help to reduce pain considerably.

Descriptive visuals

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Application of 3D rib clips
  • 3D rib clip with 6 segments: for fractures that are at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the rib.
  • 3D rib clip with 9 segments: for oblique fractures.
  • 3D rib clip with 13 segments: for comminuted fractures, spiral fractures, very oblique fractures.

CAUTION: Avoid cutting the 3D rib clips with 6, 9, 13 segments to size by removing one or more clip segments because it would then not be possible to ensure stable fixation.

Application of implant bridges
  • Implant bridge for comminuted fractures or defects where fusion of the bone fragments is not possible on account of distance or missing fragments (reconstruction).
  • an implant bridge comprises of two Titanium rib clips and one Titanium connecting bar
    after precise positioning and alignment of the Titanium rib clips the Titanium connecting bar is shortened to the particular length and introduced to the connectors of the Titanium rib clips
  • the Titanium rib clips are fixed in place on the rib
  • the Titanium connecting bar is crimped onto the connectors of the Titanium rib clips
Application of sternum clips

Transverse fractures, oblique fractures and multi-fragment fractures of the sternal body require use of 3 clip segments in order to ensure secure stabilisation.

Titanium sternal double-clips are recommended solely for the management of „Angle of Louis“ fractures.
The clip segments of the sternal clip grip the sternum by applying the clip segments in the intercostal spaces. The rombus-shaped centre bar, which connects the clip segments to one another, dissipates compressive forces and tensile forces of the sternum via the clip segments.


Technical advantages:
  • The Titanium 3D rib clip and the sternal clip are one item so time-consuming intraoperative configuration is eliminated
  • Three-dimensional formability of the Titanium clips, axial torquing and / or horizontal bending for precision adaptation to the anatomical situation
  • Functionally stable, flexible costal and sternal osteosynthesis, no rigid fixation
  • Only one pair of fixation pliers is required to affix the Titanium 3D rib clip
Clinical benefits
  • Shortened intensive care, e.g. artificial ventilation
  • Shortened clinic stay
  • Low complication rate
  • Rapid pain control and pain reduction
  • Good long-term outcomes
Prevention of dysfunctions and complications
  • Prevention of pain-induced breathing restrictions
  • The surgical procedure can prevent lung dysfunctions and their consequences
  • Shortened intensive treatment due to early stabilization
  • No damage to the neurovascular vascular bundle
Immediate and complete stability
  • The supplied rib is immediately functionally stable and not rigidly fixed
  • The flexibility of the implant does not limit the natural postoperative movement
  • Rapid healing (osteosynthesis)
  • All implants are made of pure titanium
  • Interference-free imaging in X-rays, CT and MR

Product catalog and information

Product catalog

Download the complete product catalogue as PDF file.

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